MYC House Policy Guidelines


House Rules

1. Members should cooperate to keep the Club ship shape.

2. Access and egress to and from the Club shall be by the side entrance only.

3. Place all trash in the dumpster. Please don't use the wastebaskets in the restrooms for food products, oil soaked rags etc.

4. Doors should be kept locked at all times. The Club is a private membership Club and non-members are not allowed to use the Club facilities. Entrance is by key card only.

5. Children are not to use the club premises unless under the direct supervision, care and control of an adult.

6. No pets are allowed in the clubhouse, under any circumstances, except for service dogs. Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) must be kept on a short leash when crossing the club premises. Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) are not permitted to remain or dwell on the deck.

7. No flammable materials, or aromatic solvents, may be stored in the lockers.

8. No member's personal property items are to be left unattended on club premises.

9. Facility Leasing (second floor or the deck)
— By members only (per reservation form).
Reservation Form & Fee(s) are published and available on the MYC web site.
— No private Parties Thursday through Sunday from June 15, through Labor Day.
— Reservation Responsibility: Rear Commodore and/or his designee.
— Catering restrictions: The MYC Caterer has "First Refusal" for Catering all Private Functions. Public Service Exceptions: Power Squadron Safety lecturers, Fleet meetings, Shipyard Association, etc., are subject to the MYC Board of Directors review and approval.

Galley Rules

Traditional Season Operation by a Caterer
— Responsibility: the Rear Commodore or his designee.
— Operating Oversight During Use: the Rear Commodore or his designee.
— PERIOD of Use: Opening Day through Labor Day plus a limited extension through September.

— The galley will be the Exclusive Domain of Caterer during the Contract period.
— The Contract with the Caterer is the responsibility of the Rear Commodore or his designee.
— The Contract with the Caterer is subject to approval by the Board of Directors
— As a Policy, Club Events will not compete with the Galley operation
Exceptional Dates may be defined prior to contract (Wine Tasting, Rockland     
Race,Fishing Tournament, etc.) MYC Event committees are encouraged to
utilize the Caterer.

Off Season Member Committee Use of the Galley for Club Events 
Not permitted.

Galley Cards One Card per Member; good from June 1 through September 1.

Dining and Deck Facilities  Use By Informal groups of Members or a
Member with Guests.

— On "Galley Open" Days  "Carry In" prepared meals are NOT permitted. 
Snacks and Beverages are permitted. Use by a member and his group of
more than 8 persons, must be approved by the Rear Commodore, or his
designee and may be subject to restrictions.

— On "Galley Closed" days no Restrictions on "Carry In" foods. Groups
of or more than 8 must have preapproval from the Rear Commodore or
his designee and may be subject to restrictions.

Adult Beverages Exposed "Bar" Set-ups are not permitted on the Decks
or in the Clubhouse. Other than single consumable servings, BYOB's must 
remain out of sight, in coolers etc.

Deck Grills  May be used when the Galley is Closed by any Member to
cook for his/her immediate family or for 8 or less guests.  Pre-approval for use
for larger number groups must be obtained from the Rear Commodore or his
designee. Use by any member or Group during Galley Operation for a Club
sponsored Event must be approved by Board of Directors and may be subject
to restrictions. (Clean the grills, shut off the gas tank and clean up the tables
when done.)

Non Member Dining
Non-MYC persons must be accompanied by current MYC member to purchase
food from the MYC Galley or to dine on the MYC premises.

Revised June 2010