MYC Waterfront Rules


  1. The Dockmaster is responsible for the Club’s waterfront facilities including floats, dingy rings and ramps.
  2. In his absence the Dockmaster will appoint one launch operator from each shift to be his designated representative.
  3. The Dockmaster and launch operators have the right to ask members to show a current membership card.  Those without a current card may be refused service.
  4. A waterfront log will be maintained by the Dockmaster or his designated representative. The log will be updated daily. Any member may make an entry in the log. The waterfront committee will review the log during its regularly scheduled meetings.
  5. The Dockmaster and his designated representative have the full support of the waterfront committee and the flag officers in the enforcement of all Club rules & regulations.


  1. Family members, including spouses, children and grandchildren under the age of twenty-one are entitled to the use of Club facilities to which the member is entitled. Members are responsible for their guest’s behavior.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the waterfront.
  3. When on or around the Club gangway, docks and launches, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult and wear a personal flotation device (PFD).
  4. Pets are allowed on the gangway, floats and launches if restrained on a short leash. 


  1. Tenders may be tied to the rear of the t-float for no longer than 30 minutes when the Club launch is in service.
  2. Private Tenders may not be tied to club floats overnight except with the dock master’s permission.
  3. On weekends boat tie up is limited to the time required for loading/unloading of passengers or gear or 20 minutes, whichever is less. On weekdays the Dockmaster or his designated representative may permit longer times.
  4. On weekends and other times of high activity, wash downs or repairs are only allowed at the rear of the floats with a 30 minute limit. At the Dockmaster’s discretion five minute "hose downs" at the front of the dock may be permitted. Boats must not intrude into the launch landing areas.
  5. Water hoses must be turned off and coiled after use.
  6. Swimming or fishing from the floats is strictly prohibited.
  7. Lobster gear and the cleaning of fish are not allowed on the floats.
  8. Fueling of boats at club floats is prohibited. (USCG)


  1. The Club launches are to be operated only by licensed operators, designated by the Dockmaster.
  2. Launch service will be provided to and from a Member’s yacht, only if the vessel displays a current year sticker permanently affixed and clearly visible to the launch operator.
  3. Guests, maintenance personnel, or crew members will not be taxied to an unoccupied yacht unless the Member has previously provided them with a guest pass.
  4. Launch service will be provided to visiting yachts registered as Club guests, and to yachts invited by the Club to participate in specific events.
  5. Launch service will only be provided within the Club’s pickup area.
  6. Launches provide service to and from boating members yachts or for other club activities approved by the Dockmaster and or Waterfront Committee.
  7. Launches will not to be used to tow any boat or tender, except in an emergency, nor perform any mooring work.

Club Tenders

  1. Tenders may be used to access members’ boats.
  2. Tenders may be used for mooring work, but should be returned to floats and cleaned immediately after use.
  3. Tie tenders to rear of float. Place oarlocks inside of tender and store oars in the oar locker.
  4. The use of motors of any type is not allowed on Club tenders.
  5. Tenders should not be pulled onto floats to empty out water.

Consideration & Cooperation: this is rule number one

April 2014